Planning a trip to the Orkney Islands Workshop

Join Yvette from Wayfaring Kiwi and plan your perfect trip to the Orkney islands!

Date: Fri 21st June at 4pm UK time / 11am EST / 8am Pacific.

This is a live workshop that will take place on Zoom. There will be a replay available if you cannot make the live workshop.

Are you planning a trip to Orkney, or have these islands always been on your bucket list?

The awe-inspiring Orkney Islands are unlike any other place in Scotland; with their fascinating Viking and Scots heritage, striking landscapes, scrumptious food and drink, and prehistoric sites- there is just so much to see, taste and experience!

Join me, Yvette aka Wayfaring Kiwi, Scottish island lover and travel expert, for a LIVE Zoom workshop where I will help you to plan the perfect adventure to the Orkney Islands.

With such a vast history and too many things to see and do, planning a trip to these islands can be overwhelming. Let's make it fun!

Date: Fri 21st June at 4pm UK time / 11am EST / 8am Pacific

About me

Hello, I'm Yvette! I'm a full-time travel blogger and I live in Scotland. My job is to travel around Scotland (usually with my husband and son in tow) writing travel guides which help people plan their adventures around Scotland.

I've explored the width and breadth of Scotland- in fact, I was the first solo female to walk the Scottish National Trail, a hike that zig-zags the length of the country.

This workshop will be the first of many where I will show you how I plan my trips to different destinations in Scotland, covering everything from getting there, getting around,

I'm excited to bring you this workshop where I will be sharing all my tips for planning your trip to Orkney- whether you live in the UK or are travelling from overseas!

Did you know...

Orkney was once a power centre in Europe, and was ruled by Vikings. It became a part of Scotland in the 15th century, so the islands have a distinct culture that is different to anywhere in Scotland!

What does the workshop cover?

• Orkney's enthralling history- and some folklore!

• How to get to the Orkney islands and travelling between the islands

• The top 5 islands to visit

• The best things to do in Orkney- the must-see locations and my favourite hidden gems

• Where and how to book accommodation, tours, and activities

• The best places to eat and drink (and best Orkney produce to try!)

• Your questions about planning a trip to Orkney

• And much more!

What you’ll get when you sign up



Join me (Yvette) for a 90-minute live workshop where you will plan your trip to the Orkney islands together! There will also be a Q&A session where I'll answer your questions.

Value: $285 USD


A digital workbook to plan your Orkney adventure ad a travel planner that includes the top five things to do, places to eat, best photography locations, ferry routes, accommodation and more helpful tips.

Value: $35 USD



A digital map that you can use on any device that includes all of my recommended things to do, places to eat, facilities such as supermarkets, toilets, parking facilities, laundry facilities, and more.

Value: $25 USD

How does it work?

Sign up using the link below: Woo hoo- you're in!

Check your email: An email will be sent to you straight away with information about the workshop and your login details to the portal where you will find your workshop materials.

Get stuck in: Log into the workshop portal using your email address and password that was emailed to you when you signed up) and go through the Welcome section.

Join live: Join Yvette live on Friday June 21st at 4pm UK time / 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific for the workshop, or catch up later by watching the replay.


The workshops were informative, great information provision, really practical useful tips and links provided, both Kay and Yvette have a laid back presentation style easy to follow and a few laughs along the way - I can’t wait to put together my trip with all the information I have gained!! Thank You Kay and Yvette for sharing your passion for Scotland!

— Kristie Plummer, Australia

This was a very informative class and Kay and Yvette are very informative and their excitement for Scotland is infectious. I would highly recommend this class to anyone traveling to Scotland.

— Fidelia Fowler, USA

This workshop was a great tool that helped us start planning our first trip to Scotland! Yvette is a knowledgeable guide whose love of the country is evident in her willingness to share all those small but important nuggets of info, which helps make the planning less stressful. Thank you!

— Past Attendee


What will I learn/get from this workshop?

This workshop covers the following topics: how to book ferries to reach the islands, the main attractions, some of Yvette's favourite things to do in Orkney, getting around the islands, recommended restaurants and places to eat, how to book accommodation, tours and activities, Orkney's history, and much more.

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop is $47 USD. You will also receive a digital Orkney Travel Planner which is a workbook that will help you to plan your Orkney adventure, and my Orkney Travel Planning Cheat Sheets. We will also have a Q&A session where you can ask me questions about planning your trip to Orkney!

How long is the workshop?

The workshop is 90 minutes, including a 20 minute Q&A session. If you cannot make the live workshop, you can submit your question in advance and I will answer it live on the call. There will be a replay of the workshop available and you will have 12 months access to this and the workshop materials.

When is the workshop?

The LIVE workshop will take place on Friday June 21st at 4pm UK time / 11am EST / 8am Pacific.

To convert to your time zone, I suggest using

Will this workshop save me money when booking a trip to Orkney?

While I cannot guarantee you'll save X amount of dollars/pounds/euros- I will be sharing my tips and techniques for how I book my trips around Scotland, and where to book to get the best possible prices for accommodation, flights, ferries, and tours and activities.

Does this workshop cover all of the Orkney islands?

It would be impossible to cover all 70 Orkney islands, so we will be focusing on the largest and most popular island (Mainland) and a few island you can easily do as a day trip from this island. These are the islands the majority of people visit first when they go to Orkney.

How do I access the workshop?

The workshop will take place on Zoom.

The Zoom link will be emailed out to you 24 hours before the workshop begins, and a reminder will be sent 1 hour before the workshop is due to start.

Will there be a replay available?

Yes- and you will have lifetime access to the replay and workshop materials. The replay will be available to watch in the workshop portal 2 hours after it has taken place. You will receive your log in details once you sign up to the workshop. You will have 12 months access to the replay and all materials.

Should I be planning a trip to Orkney soon in order to take this workshop?

Not at all! If you don't have a date in mind for your Orkney trip that's okay. The workshop will equip you with the knowledge that you need so that when you're ready to visit, you have the knowledge you need to get started. This workshop is also open to people who may not be planning a visit, but have an interest in Orkney.

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