We're Yvette + Kay

We both travel Scotland for a living, helping others to plan their dream trips to Scotland!

We joined forces to create courses, products, and LIVE workshops to take away the overwhelm when it comes to planning a trip to Scotland.

Kay is a massive foodie and has a passion for Scotland's islands and travelling using public transport.

Yvette loves travelling off the beaten path, hiking and the outdoors, and exploring castle ruins and other historic sites with her family.


What people are saying...

I loved the Scotland Itinerary Planning workshop! Not only did I learn several new things/places, but it really got me excited for my trip and left me feeling confident in the itinerary I’ve planned. Less stress means more excitement and we are SO ready to see Scotland next month!

I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the workshops offered by Wayfaring Kiwi and The Chaotic Scot. Great tips, wonderful attitude about travel and life in general! I highly recommend them! Thanks for all you do!

This workshop was a great tool that helped us start planning our first trip to Scotland! Yvette is a knowledgeable guide whose love of the country is evident in her willingness to share all those small but important nuggets of info, which helps make the planning less stressful. Thank you!


We have regular LIVE Scotland Itinerary Planning Workshops and courses to help you plan your dream trip to Scotland!

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